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Taking care of you is a bold act of love.

think.paint.feel: creative psychological services is a therapeutic practice that supports the love and strength it takes to slow down and take care of you. Amidst a fast-paced life you exist and you are worthy of the time and care it takes to nurture that existence. Whether in celebration or struggle, having someone present to listen and understand you, affirms who and where you are in that moment. From that place, possibilities are explored to support you in moving in the direction of change or acceptance. I value this process and the sacred relationship that we co-create and am honored to walk with you during this phase of your journey.


{In the right language your story will unfold. In the right space, 

you'll feel comfortable enough to unfold it.}

- Dr. Shyma El Sayed

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We are all creative beings. 

Creativity is the essence of existence. The root of exist, existere, means to rise above, to emerge, to come to light. When we exist in a way that gives space to the full expression of our being, we are living creatively; we emerge beyond defined roles to be our true selves. In this sense, creativity does not have to begin nor end with a paintbrush; it is a way of being that allows us the freedom to emerge into the light that we are, to be our authentic selves, and to love ourselves throughout the process. think.paint.feel offers the familiarity of talk therapy with the added vibrancy of creative arts that empowers you to engage and express the fullness of your creative being.


{Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. 

I'll meet you there.}